Ruminations on the Serval Project


This might be of interest … something I ran across about the time the hurricane hit Puerto Rico … the renewed interest came about in a comment by @homelessonwheels in Meet Relay: A smart walk-talkie that lets kids be kids

What is the Serval Project?

Simply put, Serval is a telecommunications system comprised of at least two mobile phones that are able to work outside of regular mobile phone tower range due thanks to the Serval App and Serval Mesh.

ETA: just loaded on my Active Moto X Pure and an inactive Moto G3 … When testing for Mesh support, it reported ‘Root shell was not found’ :frowning:

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Meet Relay: A smart walk-talkie that lets kids be kids

Not that long ago nobody envisioned a hand-held device with WiFi, Bluetooth and Cell radios operating harmoniously. Is it that hard to believe a fourth radio could be added?


It’s not hard at all to imagine the possibility. Would it be worthwhile or even necessary is another question. The technology referenced by @jben might just be sufficient and uses radios already present in Relay. It does require an app but then Google Assistant is an app as well.


The data/signal has to come from somewhere, a mesh network has a connection to a source.


Did you look at the Serval Project? It’s an ad-hoc WiFi network created among phones themselves with no Internet source whatsoever required. Relay has a WiFi radio, so, in theory, an app without a visual interface could work.

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only if one trying to access the information on the internet , there no reason a message (Voice or text) could not be sent though the mesh without the mesh being connected to the internet

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Yes and yes. WIFi as we know has a very limited range. Any practical “mesh” network would need to be able to boost the signal/range to communicate. Mesh extenders to the rescue (?) but they too have rather limited range and not likely to be place nearby many Relay users. …


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Another interesting app along the same vane is linked below

  • I haven’t broke the code on set up, can’t figure how to get by the setting up of the needed VPN, I get hung up on a popup that says ‘screen filter’ is running … am not aware of the function and can’t figure how to turn it off … any thoughts?

ETA: Well finally did a bit more reading … their FAQ’s provided my answer :blush:

    Not yet… but stay tuned for more updates

They really screwed up when nextel was bought by sprint.
The program was developed by Motorola in 1996 an was used
on I belive the I760 /I880 Phone It was a IDEN/WCIDEN sys…I had both of the phones in 2001 an finally closed in 2007 sprint killed it.



Why does one of their recent blog articles indicate otherwise? FAQs not updated? …

I may gotten further than your attempt. app DL on 2 phones. WiFi is visible to each other but when choosing the other as a source it won’t authenticate.


There is another one called Voxer Has push to talk an voice message etc on the play store .It is supposed to be a up coming
company. I tried it not what Iam looking for. I am wanting a straight
push to talk Like the iden sys.


I finally got 3 phones meshed together, two had no WiFi connection (but WiFi avail) and the 1st was connected to WiFi and Cell (it’s my Moto X Pure active device, other are inactive X1 and X2.
Wasnt really able to determine the effectiveness but on all but the direct connected MXP was horrible. Will do more playing as time allows, but I think the key to getting the links to establish appeared to be ‘forget’ the WiFi connection on the 2ndary device then open Anyfi


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