Run of bad luck with phones

Just had both my wife’s and my Moto X4 phones brick in 2 weeks. Phones have been working fine and no indication of impending failure. Both failed during charging. Her’s from a charge of mid 20% and mine from mid 50%. Phones went black and will not turn on no matter what is tried. Seems to me Motorola has a problem with this phone or its charger. I can accept a run of bad luck, it just happens. The real headache is waiting for a replacement phone. We never thought about how connected we are to the phones with 2 factor authentication, google accounts and work system access. Wife works in health care and needs the phone to access her record system via another 2 factor authentication system. Now if I could just get lucky and have my phones die before 3 pm on a Friday, I might be able to get a replacement within a couple of days. Her phone died on Friday night and mine Saturday morning which meant we had to go over the weekend and into mid week before replacement arrival. Mine just died so I’m now in the waiting loop and am heading out of town Wed. Crossing my fingers and sweating that I’ll have it by then but I know there is a decent chance I won’t have it. Ordered a new phone case from Amazon yesterday and it will be here Sunday well before the phone. Its too bad Republic hasn’t found a way to get phones and SIMS shipped out much quicker than they do currently. I get stuff via Fedex and UPS all weekend long but nothing as essential as a phone. Just had to rant a little as I’m a bit frustrated.

Hi @davidh.8j9abs,

Republic is a relatively small operator and for small operator’s the warehouse being closed over the weekend isn’t unusual. Not everyone can be Amazon. During the work week, Republic ships phones and SIMs every day with overnight delivery an available option if one is willing to pay for it.

I appreciate it may be too late for this unfortunate circumstance, however, neither compatible phones or Republic SIMs must be purchased from Republic. Republic compatible phones may be sourced locally. Best Buy is an option for that. Republic compatible phones are also available on Amazon as are Republic SIMs. For you or anyone else with the potential need to source a replacement quickly, please see here:

Republic SIMs at Amazon:

Finally, often it’s possible to move an active Republic SIM from one’s current phone to a replacement:


Thanks Rolandh, learned something new today. I was unaware that I could get a SIM via Amazon. I knew I could get a phone quicker from another vendor instead of Republic but figured I’d need a new SIM anyway so I got both from Republic. Could have saved shipping costs and picked up the phone, case and SIM with all received within a day or two. SIM I ordered a couple of weeks ago I used the USPS figuring it wouldn’t take more than a day or two to ship from Chicago to just north of Milwaukee. It took five days which was maddening. Its not often that I have to order a new phone so I’m in a panic when one fails. That leads to some bad snap decisions and I go with what I know which is to go to my service provider - Republic. Next time I’ll know better and am hoping these phones last longer than a couple of years like the X4’s.

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Just received a Fedex notification that my new phone arrives Wednesday. Ordered on Saturday with 2 day shipping and was expecting it Tuesday. My streak of bad luck continues! Now I’ll be out of town without a phone until next week, wonderful…

Unfortunately, shipping is Monday-Friday only. That means an order on Sunday ships on Monday and 2-day delivery would then be Wednesday.

Thanks louisdi, wish I had figured that out before I ordered. My mistake and now I’ll pay for it! Should be an interesting hunting trip out of town without a phone. Its my only connection to my hunting buddies if my atv breaks down. Guess it will be old school before phones and a long walk back to camp if it fails. Just hope I don’t get charged by a rutting moose or eaten by wolves! On the plus side, I might get a 10 mile hike and some good exercise! Either way it will be entertaining with no maps and no connection. I’ll truly be off the grid!

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