Running Out of Data


Hi I have a motox4. I have a 45 minute commute to work. That is when I enjoy listening to music,radio shows, and documentries. So now I am running out of data. I do not have a sense of how much I need. Can someone help me with figuring this out? My plan I have is 2G. Thank you for the help.
Laurie Church
PS using a tablet to type this and I cannot see a f danm thing!


Hi @lauriec.9xu8nu!

How soon in your bill cycle are you running out? Since 2gb is not working for you, I would recommend adding 3gb or 4gb and seeing if that lasts you the whole month. I would probably recommend trying 3gb first, but it depends on how soon you are currently running out of data If it’s about half way, then you will probably need 4gb. If it’s about 2/3, then you probably only need 3gb a month. You can always add more data (until you figure out how much you need) if the monthly amount isn’t enough.


For me, I download a lot of audio files via wifi that I can listen to when I’m driving. This way, it doesn’t take up a lot of data, and I still can listen to things I like.


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