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Moto G Power (1 GB plan/data)
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My Moto G Power (64 GB storage/1 GB plan/data) is running out of storage space! Can I save to the SD to free up some space, and if so, what and how?

I use Files by Google to help me clear up space taken up by temporary files and other things I no longer need. If you want to add a microSD card to move some files in that way, here is Motorola’s help article:

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Hi @williamg.tdqdsh,

Do you already own an SD card you could install?

Have you checked to see what kinds of things are filling up your memory? Is it stuff you intended to store, like music, video, photos, or is it perhaps data from an app that may be misbehaving?

That’s a lot of consumed memory.

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Moto G Power has 64 GB of space. That is a lot of space you are using. How many apps do you have running? Have you tried going through your apps, disabling those you don’t use or need, clearing cache and storage where you can? Have you done all of the updates to your phone? I find that if we don’t do updates storage is used up but once updates are completed, storage is down as well. Have you been storing a lot of photos and/or videos on your phone? Those take up a LOT of storage space. If you do need more storage, an SD Card can be made internal easy enough. There are posts on how to do this. I recently did it with our old Moto E phones before we bought new Moto G Fast phones.

But with 64 GB of storage you are either using an awful lot of apps, saving an awful lot of pictures, videos, or something or haven’t completed all the updates.

You could also try an app like Ccleaner. We have had success with it in our phones many times and we also have used it on our tablets and computers as well. it is safe to use and you can decide what types of files you want it to clean and/or delete.

I checked my wife’s phone and SMS backup had over 30GB, so I deleted that and looks like it has solved the issue. Thanks for all the replies.


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