Running out of storage

my moto e 2nd gen says it’s running out of storage space, can I purchase a card w/more memory?

Sure, but not everything can be moved to an SD card. It would be better to do some serious housekeeping.

  1. Transfer pictures and videos to your PC using a Micro USB cable.

  2. Delete apps that don’t have any real value to you.

  3. Empty the downloads folder.

  4. Clear your cache.

  5. Delete messaging threads, especially those with MMS messages.

Clearing the Cache

Check out the Moto E (2nd Gen.)'s technical specifications in more detail here.

MicroSD slot supports up to 32GB expandable memory

@larryg.zx1ojl ,

E2 has a card slot and @billg has some good info on HK.

All good suggestions so far. This may also help:

Moto E: Make the most of your phone’s available storage

I am disgusted with this phone. I use almost nothing in terms of apps and I have a 32 GB micro SD card in it. The card is half full but I am constantly having to do “housekeeping” and delete apps I would like to keep because I keep running out of memory. Many many of the vital apps do nor run on the SD Card. If I take five or ten pictures I am out until I manually move the to the SD Card.

Eveery app that will allow me to move it to the SD Card has been moved. I have had to stop using apps I want to use and disable every app that I can including ones I have no idea what they do.

Do I need to pinyin or korean apps? No. But I can’t seem to get rid of them.Nor can I move them to the SD Card.

I would buy another phone but every one I look at seems to have the same 2GB RAM. How can it be possible?? I know lots of people who have hundreds of apps on their phones and never run out of room. I deleted all my music, most of my photos.

How do I fix this or find a phone that will actually use the memory I put into it and not run out of space all the time???s

I would buy another phone but every one I look at seems to have the same 2GB RAM.

RAM does not equal Internal storage

Storage is where app base code is keep , RAM is where code and data is put while it’s being processed by the Processor (2 GB is more than good enough)

the Moto E 2nd has 1 GB of RAM (and 8 GB of internal Storage 4 of which are taken by the OS)

the lowest current phones on Republic have at least 16 GB of internal storage (which in my option is not enough 32 GB should be standard as just the OS is getting larger)

Well I appreciate you making a response and for correcting my understanding about the use of the RAM but… as I said I have a 32 GB micro SD card in it. The card is only half full. And nevertheless I am constantly having to do “housekeeping” and delete apps because I keep being told that the memory is insufficient. As near as I can figure the most important apps are in total under 2GB and that seems to be a limit.Can’t move any more to the SD card. It won’t update apps a lot of the time – not enough memory.

17GB available but not enough memory the phone tells me.

Sorry I am just looking to understand how I can have 17GB free and be out of memory. I’d like to stop deleting apps because I don’t have any that I don’t need at this point. I deleted Wayz I deleted my bank’s app I deleted my musical tuner and metronome.

I don’t use my phone enough to justify $600 or more, I just use it to text and call and once in a while while I’m traeling to look for an address or directions on the web.

When I look it says Internal storage 2.17GB available 434 MB

SD Card total space 29.8MB available 17.33GB

How the hell can I run out of memory???

not all apps can be put on the SD card there are lots of developer which block their apps from going over to it

there also needs to be a certain amount left open on the internal (used to 0.5 GB but I recommend 1 to 2 GB on new phones)

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