RW 1.0- not returning sales tax when doing a plan change


Have been talking to RW support for a while now and still unable to get a clear response. I made two plan changes this month - one to downgrade to the wifi only plan and one to upgrade back to my normal plan ten days later. Each plan change is processed as a prorated credit for the old plan, and then a prorated charge for the new plan. However the credit is always made pre-tax, meaning that any taxes I paid previously are kept and NOT refunded, and all charges are made with taxes. For this one month I’ve essentially paid triple taxes. I ended up paying more for 20 days on the expensive plan and 10 days on the wifi only plan than I would have just sticking to the expensive plan all month. Anyone else still grandfathered into the 1.0 plans experiencing this? Pretty sure that when a refund or return is processed the customer is entitled to any associated taxes to be refunded as well.


Hi @emilyh.bwtkcu

I agree!. To be honest, I am occasionally perplexed by my monthly invoices but have always found them to correct themselves eventually. Taxes and Fee’s for mobile devices across these great United States sometimes seem like a great convoluted mess, an I appreciate that I’m not the one that has to sort it all out.

Now that I got that out of my system, you may consider opening a Support Request with the Billing department if the amounts do not resolve themselves within the current cycle, as there is not a lot the community can do in regards to Biiling/Accounts.

Let us know the outcome of this situation if you don’t mind.


@emilyh.bwtkcu you should receive a prorated credit for the taxes when doing a plan change on 1.0. Can you share your ticket # with us? I’d love to help get this addressed for you.


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