RW 2.0 Data Usage for iOS 10 / iPhone 7

This is not specific to RW, but I thought it might be a place where others would understand my question.

I switched jobs due to a layoff this summer, and I have an iPhone 7 for a company phone with the new job.

The phone is great, of course, and I’m getting used to some of the differences between Android and iOS, but I think iOS falls short between the two.

One thing I’d like to duplicate on my iPhone is being able to view data usage by app by day, not just overall total by app or as I’m getting with one app (My Data Manager) that shows data usage over time, but doesn’t break down by app.

Does anyone here know of an iOS app for the iPhone that could duplicate the data usage I’m accustomed to seeing with an RW 2.0 plan Moto X 2?

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

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