RW 2.0 vs 3.0 Ports & RW App Status (messages over cell on wifi)


I just upgraded to a Moto Z Play from a Moto X 2013. At work, the firewall is pretty strict, but I did get them to open port 8883 over TCP (MQTT) for Messaging. Since then, the RW App notification on my Moto X 2013 has always said “Cell calls, WiFi messages & data”.

With my Moto Z Play, the RW App notification says “Calls & messages over cell, WiFi data”. I checked port 8883 using, and I can access it no problem, so the port is not being blocked. Is this a 3.0 vs 2.0 thing, or is there a bug in the 3.0 RW App where it’s not routing messages over WiFi when it should be?


Are you not getting messages when this happens? We will send the messages through MQTT over either WiFi or cell at no cost. Are they not coming in to the phone? To fill the arc you need to have port 5090 UDP open to traffic. The Arc is based on the SIP registration.


I am getting messages (Just double checked as I hadn’t tested before, I normally use GV).

I’m just surprised you wouldn’t use WiFi MQTT if it’s available (and if it is being used, why isn’t the app reporting that?).


This seems to have been fixed in today’s 3.0 app update. It now says “Calls over cell, messages and data over WiFi”.