RW 3.0 Plan Overuse Prevention / Early Warning Alternatives?

I recently swapped from a Moto X2 on RW2.0 plan to Samsung Galaxy S7 on RW3.0 plan.

Mostly I like the change. This item isn’t really a change because of what plan or phone I’m on, but just happens to have occurred after my switch.

I believe on my old phone/plan, it may have been more obvious when I was not on wifi and doing something that used data. With this new phone/plan, it doesn’t seem too obvious.

Last night, I ended up for a few minutes streaming a few Youtube videos/clips on my S7 over what I thought was Wifi. I forgot that I had turned wifi off a few hours earlier, b/c of a restaurant’s annoying wifi causing issues at the time (usually - no problems with that restaurant’s wifi). So then after streaming a few HD videos, I see this pop-up about data usage. It was my about 500MB warning I set from Samsung. Only problem was it popped up by the time I was almost maxed out on my 1GB monthly plan! And that was used, I think, about at least 2/3 or 3/4 of the data in that one moment. I’ve always made sure I was on wifi before doing anything like video streaming for sure to not run into this in the past.

Does anyone have suggestions as to ways to prevent this type event? Is there something else I can try to have another obstacle to me goofing and using up my cell data all at once? What might be cool is if something would warn me if I connect to Youtube at all while on Cell data. I could brush away the warning if I knew but didn’t care at the moment, but at least it would get my attention.

If anyone has an idea, great. I’m not expecting any better options, but figured it’s worth asking.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Install Mobiwol:

Then set your apps to only use data over wifi so that you have to manually enable an app when you actually want to use your data.


Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry I didn’t post it here - i had posted this in another recent thread the other day, but didn’t think to share here.

I’ve been using another “NoRoot Firewall” - if nothing else your post helps me realize there are at least 3. The one I’m using is:

The one I MEANT to use was:

I now wonder which is best of the 3. Looks like they all have good reviews.

Anyway, I don’t want to totally block by type - the above do that, and that is good, but that’s not what I want here. I want to be able to access Youtube, but perhaps get a pop-up warning/reminder that I’m connected to Cell instead of Wifi when I open it. That way I’d know before draining my data. So if I want to look at something anyway, I at least can knock down the quality and make sure I limit how much I stream.

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