RW 5.0 Coverage

Is there a tool that we can plug in addresses and see how the coverage with AT&T rate? I don’t know how far coverage maps drill down…

There is no more a tool than there was for the old coverage. All we’ve got is maps.

I googled AT&T coverage and got the interactive map. I think you can get a very solid idea of what type service you would get off of that. In my case Im roaming at home under my current plan so the 4G/5G coverage of AT&T will be a huge upgrade.


Here is a link to AT&T coverage that looks interesting, the ‘Prepaid’ Tab is still questionable, but the ability to plug in a route would be a boon to those who are out and about

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I’m noticing at home and at the office that the signal is poor so it bounces to roaming (I get an annoying message from my phone about roaming and I might incur charges…blah blah blah).

I might just went ahead and hopped on if it were Verizon. I had a Verizon rep come out and he had solid coverage on his laptop inside the building on his which is all metal.

You can see the main wireless map or the prepaid, but not both at the same time. If you change one it will change the other tab too. It’s actually fairly impressive. Sprint/TMobile connections are intermittent going up the local mountain highway and it’s not even 3G in some of those spots we can get a signal.

Oddly, the main mountain city is 4G on Prepaid at least, but the area around it is 5G. So I suppose if you get lost you will have your 5G to stream until you are rescued or freeze to death…

Is the coverage that we will receive on the new plans the prepaid or normal map?

I don’t know, that is still an outstanding question to the Dish/RW folks

I don’t see the main 5G map being a part of a “seniors” plan.