RW and Comcast Short Codes

Message deleted. RW does not work with Comcast Short Codes

Comcast short code is known not to work Unsupported Short Codes | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

this will take a change at Comcast or at the company they subcontract to the service to, so that they add Republic as a possible carrier

this is more like they just don’t realize Republic numbers can short code (a feature of cell phones) as republic shows up as VOIP / Landline and it wasn’t till the last couple years that VOIP have been able to send/receive Short codes so a lot of provider of short codes never add them to the list that can be sent to, now that VOIP can send short codes the providers need to add to their white list

Google Fi Numbers are T-Mobile numbers (Cell Not VOIP) as they are not a WiFi First provider like Republic, (Project Fi goes T-Mobile->Sprint->US Cellular->WiFi)

with Cricket they refuse to port in a VOIP/Landlines so you need a two step port

Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by…

The latest on the text message to your phone form of second factor is that it is too easy for a third party to actually use your phone number and get those texts instead of you. So the third-party can log in if they have your password (from some hacked data breach) and they have a way of getting your texts. Personally, I’m still using it until there’s something better around. The two-factor authentication methods that use a security token or a code generator on your phone are supposed to be better, but few of the web sites that I use offer that method. Then the third party would have to have your hard token or your phone to get through both factors for that one.

Some of the sites offer sending the code via email, but email’s pretty easily cracked in general. An email doesn’t seem to be a big step forward smile. Sites like LastPass and Bank of America (I’m sure that there are more) will use your fingerprint as at least part of your login on devices that have fingerprint readers as well. The truly paranoid don’t trust fingerprint readers, on the theory that a determined third party can get your fingerprint from something that you’ve touched and use that in some way. Since I don’t have state secrets on my phone, I don’t worry about that one too much smile.

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