RW and the Ticwatch running Android Wear 2


I’ve got no financial or otherwise interest in RW or Ticwatch.

I got the $159 Ticwatch, it’s a company started by two former Google employees and I understand Google put up the money. I’m 2 hours into it and so far this is the most exiting Tech piece for me in a long time. There are plenty of articles and reviews about the watch out there.

It plays very nicely with Republic’s Anywhere. I’m receiving and sending texts from the watch with ease. Android Wear 2 allows the watch to stay connected to the phone as long as both devices are on wifi. It does not have to be the same wifi. I’m very excited about this as I don’t like carrying my gigantic phone around like an extra appendage.

I’ll update this thread as I figure out how to do things like a ■■■■ Tracy watch call.

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Interesting @bobb.p6nmmt

i carry a MXP, (5.7") and fear going to a smaller screen, much less a watch-sized screen!. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing that, …(I am on my way to check it out).



We can’t wait to hear some of the things you’re able to get the watch to do, and glad to hear it is working well with Anywhere!

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I’m getting email notifications on the watch from, in my case, gmail.

I installed Creative Objects on my phone and the watch client. I can now control my smart house from the watch. I use a Smart Things hub by Samsung and Creative Objects interacts with that.

I’m not ready to share all my conversations with big data via Google Home or Alexis. I don’t want Big Data to find out about my Flux Capacitor plans. The Creative Objects tie in allows me to control the house without an intrusive assistant.



My wife and I have the Moto 360 Gen 2 watches. We’ve had them for over two years and really love them. Looking forward to testing it out with Republic Anywhere. I was reluctant on using Anywhere because the Messages app works so well with the watch.

Our watches run the same Wear 2 software. Not only do I get notifications for calls, emails and other apps, you can take actions on them as well. I can control Pandora & Google Music, reply to text messages, decline phone calls, check my calendar and when using Google Maps, it displays the distance to and what the next turn is I need to make.

The coolest thing is the WiFi connection link. I left my phone at work on the charger yesterday but was still getting my notifications via the watch at home. I could even reply to texts (using Messages app) on the watch over WiFi.

@bobb.p6nmmt, thank you for pointing this watch out! I’ll take a look at this watch when the Moto dies. I like how it seems to be a very clean / pure android setup.

Thanks again!



I tested it’s ability to switch wifi networks. I left my phone at home and went to another network. It handled the transition gracefully.

Battery life is way more than 1 day even playing with the watch a lot.

I highly recommend this product.

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