RW Anywhere: Device won't sync



Hi, so I’m on a multi-device account, which I think could be my issue. I installed Anywhere on my computer and my phone. It seems to be working fine on my phone, but after I log in on desktop, I get stuck on the “Install Anywhere Apps” screen. Also, whenever I click the “send to phone” button, I don’t get a notification on my phone. Can anyone help?


Hi @nathanielj.r6fncy

If you are not the primary account holder, you will have to have them assign the phone to your ‘Line of service’’ or RW email account.

Republic Anywhere FAQs – Republic Help

What if there are multiple lines on my account? How do we each sign in?

“The account owner must assign a user to an active service line on their account to allow that user access to the Anywhere service. Account owners have full access to messaging history, through the desktop app, for service lines that aren’t assigned to a specific user. For more information on how to assign users to service lines on your account, please read the “Assign This Phone” section of My Account”.

If this is not the issue, please let us know, thanks.


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