RW Anywhere Nexus 6p



I got an email from RW saying I could now use the anywhere app but when I try to install it on my phone play store says its not compatible and won’t install it. What up?

RW Anywhere not compatible with Google Pixel XL

I am having the same problem with my Moto X :frowning:
What version of andriod are you using? it has to be 5.1 or higher


Me too. Says not compatible on my Nexus 6p.


I’m on 7.1


Hello @taichibill . Thank you for the reporting this issue. I’m currently working with our Engineering team to try and resolve this issue quickly. We hope to you have you up and running with Republic Anywhere soon.


Hi @taichibill, The issue affecting your ability to download the Anywhere app has now been resolved. Go ahead and try to download the Anywhere app again and let me know if you run into any trouble.

Tip: You may need to exit out of the Playstore app and then open it back up before you will be able to see the Anywhere app.


I appear to be up and running ! thanks.


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