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I just upgraded to a G5S+ from the Moto X. On my old phone, the RW app would always show in the notification tray (or whatever it’s called), and I could swipe down to see how much cell data I have left, and what wi-fi I was connected to, etc. Now, I don’t see that at all, and I don’t see the Arc icon either.

Was there a change when I upgraded that I’m not aware of? I think what is most upsetting is that I was at work all weekend thinking I was on Wi-fi, but since I had updated my network password at work, my phone didn’t connect automatically. I didn’t really expect an alert, but if I remember correctly, I used to get a notification from the RW app saying I used 50% of my cell data for the month. However, I haven’t gotten any notification. Just an email. Is it possible to get the notification back so I can just glance and see how much cell data I’ve got left for the month? Thanks.

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This screen shows you how much data you have left:


Hi @jumpymonkey9

There was a recent change regarding the persistence of the Republic Wireless icon at the top of the screen. If that’s what you are referring to, the following article may help.


The key part of the above mentioned article related to your post:

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Thanks guys. That answers my question. I’ll miss being able to quickly see what data I have left. I understand that I can see it from the app itself, but that’s just an extra step I didn’t want to mess with. But I guess that’s what I’ll have to do.

Related to that, is there a way to have the app, or my phone, notify me when I’ve used half of my data (500Mb), or 75%, etc.? In the app, I clicked the alarm bell icon and it shows a notification about using 75% of my data, but that never showed up in the status bar. I just don’t want to be surprised next month if I accidentally go through data too quickly.

Thanks again.


Yes…on your phone.

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RW app tries to predict if your current average daily usage will last you through the end of the current billing cycle. Based on that metric the green thumb icon changes color as you use up data more quickly. If you tap on that icon it will show you a qualitative description of how you are doing for the current billing cycle. It will change to an orange exclamation if you are usage rate is too high and the app thinks you might run out before the end of the billing cycle.

Also, you get a notification on your phone and by email when you reach 75% of usage.

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