RW App for 5.0 Activated Phones?

What phone do you have?
Google Pixel 3a, Google Pixel 4a XL, Motorola g6
What plan are you on?
5.0 10GB plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
10GB Data, talk, and text

Issue Description

After upgrading to Republic Wireless 5.0 the Republic Wireless Application no longer says how much data we’ve used. It acts as if I don’t have an RW SIM in it. This is true for all four phones that I have. Two have been activated for about two weeks. The other two have been activated for about a day now on RW 5.0

Does anyone know if 5.0 plans still work with the RW App? Can we do data purchases through the app? Can we set our voicemail password through the app still?

I tried to find this information in the FAQ for transitioning users. The only information I found is that the RW App isn’t required, but it didn’t say anything about whether the app was still functional.

Thanks all!

The current incarnation of the app is useless for 5.0 plans. Maybe there will be a new app in the future?


This is what I’m currently doing to check out my cellular data usage on my 5.0 plan on my 2020 Moto G Stylus phone:

  1. I go to settings, and I click on “Network & Internet.”

  1. Then I click on “Mobile netork AT&T”.

  1. Then I see my cellular data usage.

Then I can see the approximate data I’ve used on my plan. I’m not sure how this works after 30 days. Does the data bar go back to 0 when my month billing cycle starts over? (I’m guessing it does because in the 3rd screenshot it says “7 days left”, but I’m not 100% sure).

I definitely have liked the 4.0 app over this, but this is the best workaround I know at the moment.



Thanks so much for the response and pictures. I did find that screen on my phones. Like yours the bar is labeled 2.00 GB on the far right. I’m in a 10GB plan, so that confuses me. My daughter’s phone also says 2.00GB on the far right, she’s in a 1GB plan. Also the “days left” on either phone don’t seem to correspond with the plan periods.

Because the “2.00GB” label and the “days left” label don’t match, it leads me to believe that the data used probably isn’t a reliable measurement either.

I also have not found a way on the website to determine how much data I’ve used. Nor do I see any ways to purchase additional data. Hopefully “data usage” and “data purchase” is on a todo list of things to do once activation is solved.

And what is the 2.00 GB data warning referring to ?

You just helped me figure something out! There’s an option to set the data warning limit, it looks like it might be 2GB by default. I was able to set mine to 10GB. So now the bar at the top at least gives a better visual representation how much data I’ve used, assuming that the usage information might be correct.

To be clear, the readings you see in your Android phone settings have nothing to do with your Republic account.

Where you see “Data limit and warning,” you will want to open that and either remove the data warning, or set it to one that is relevant to your plan. Likewise with the data limit. Unless you want to force your phone to stop using cell data after consuming a certain amount of cell data (and you may), you can remove that.

There is also a setting for when to start the billing cycle that you can set to coincide with the start of your Republic billing cycle (on my phones, I have a “Billing cycle and data warning” screen where I can do that).

And, yes; that will restart your data usage at zero on the billing cycle date.