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Moto G5sPlus
My Choice + 1GB
Includes up to 1 GB data, only 56 MB cell data used

Issue Description

Just now I opened the RW app and tapped the card for '56 MB cell data used / See where your data is going." However, that page never connected, the circle kept spinning. I tried going into Manage My Data and logged in, but backed out and signed out. Now the MY DATA circle won’t stop spinning no matter what I do. I know there is a service degradation issue now. To stop it, should I bounce phone, or should I go to Settings>Apps and Disable the RW app then Enable it again?


Hi @marvins.kxdmns

I’m not sure what this means.

Is the spinning data circle preventing you from doing other things on the phone? If you just close the RW app, does everything else work ok?


By bounce I meant reboot. It’s not causing problems, but I worried it might eat up my battery, like a runaway program. Every time I reopen it, it’s still spinning.


My husband and I are having the same problem. We both got emails stating we are low on data (impossible) and when we try to check data usage in the app it’s not loading.


I think the spinning is just an animated gif that holds the place until the current information is available. So the spinning circle itself isn’t causing a battery drain. However, I can’t be certain that the phone isn’t continuing to try to connect despite the outage. I would expect a timeout error at some point. Rebooting the phone would be a good step to stop that process. But if you open the app again to check after rebooting, you’ll restart the process and the spinning will start again. (The light inside the fridge is always on!)


Hi @bozzo,

Until the outage is resolved, you will not be able to check your data, and unfortunately, we cannot do so, either. You can see updates on the status of the outage at:


Oh, I didn’t realize there was an outage. Thank you.

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Well, I rebooted the phone, but per what you said, I suppose checking the program is not a good idea – it’s Schrodinger’s cat all over again! I used to be in IT Operations, and we would have to be on the lookout for programs that were stuck in an endless loop. These runaways would rise far above their normal priority to the very top because the automatic system balancing software would think they were needing more processing power to complete their work. Our job was to manually stop them, then either troubleshoot them ourselves or refer them to a higher-level person to investigate and fix them.


Sounds familiar! We do have systems monitoring events like you’re describing.

Our partner has indicate the issue is resolved. At this point our servers are processing previously queued requests, so there is still some delay to work through, but things should be back to normal later this afternoon. Once our status page indicates the issue is resolved, please do let us know if the data usage circle still fails to load your usage.

Thanks for checking in with us here about your question.

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I checked my Moto X Pure when this thread was noticed … failure to me was same as the OP
The large 1017 (black ring with then number of MB’s left) showed the continuous racing blue ring that did not end, and when I did tap the bar with the App icons showing it went to a white screen with the small blue racing circle that did not stop.
Now that the problem has been fixed, it works properly

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