RW app not recognizing all ver of Android OS

I attempted to update my Android v7 to an interim version 7 on the way to update to ver 8 (Oreo). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there, Oreo. In the meantime, the RW app now doesn’t recognize the interim OS ver and it’s preventing me in setting up the app. I get caught in a cycle of checking for an updated OS version, which says my software is up to date but the RW still says the OS needs to be updated. I’m speculating the RW app is preset with valid OS versions or it’s checking a db on RW’s system for valid/acceptable OS versions and the interim version is not found. The interim version in question is NPJS25.93-14-18,3. Can you engineer the app to recognize the currently installed OS even if it’s now “acceptable”?

When you look on the phone under Settings – About Phone what does it say for “Software Channel”?

It says “retus”

Hi @markb.ldyak2,

retus is the correct software channel. Which phone (model and generation) in involved?

Is it a moto G4? How was the interim update applied?

Is the phone now considered Rooted?
Was the phone functional with RW at any time previous to these android changes?

Thank you for all the interest in trying to correct the problem. It’s academic at this point. I’ve ordered a new phone, one that has Android v10 on it. The reason I was trying to upgrade my OS is the ‘bricked’ phone (well not ‘bricked’ in the true sense, only bricked as far as being able to use it on RW) was on Nougot and I was attempting to get to Oreo. The reason for my post was to suggest to the engineers to make the RW app more pliable to the interim versions, especially since I’m sure the RW app is compatible all the way up to v10 of Android.

This might be useful: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone
If you’ve already ordered one, you might want to check this list to see if it’s compatible. If you have any questions as to if it is you can post the url of the phone you ordered.

Hi @markb.ldyak2,

If by interim versions, you mean security patches and other minor updates (as opposed to going from Android 7 to Android 8 or Android 9 to Android 10), generally, Republic’s mobile app is already sufficiently pliable to support those. As I suspect you already know, Motorola does not support Android 8 on the G4 series.

In this case, the specific issue would be something related to the specific build itself.

The app is compatible with the correct builds on the correct phones. The App will not work on a phone with a build that was not officially released for it. It won’t work on a G4 on Oreo because Oreo was not released for the factory unlocked version in the US. It will work on Android 10 on the Pixel 2/3/4 because Android 10 was officially released.


What I was finding on the internet was the G4 plus was compatible with Oreo which is why I was shooting for it. However, at the time I didn’t consider that the RW app would not be compatible. I assumed if the phone was compatible with Oreo that the RW app would necessarily be compatible with it. With all the hackers out there, I wanted to try and get the latest compatible OS on the phone. As it is, the phone I’ll be getting will have OS v10 on it. No, I don’t believe the I had rooted the phone before this and I think from now on I will just upgrade only if the newer is pushed to the phone and then replace it after a couple of years once the OS has sufficiently progressed to warranty replacement. Thanks for all the help.

By the by, I went to the interim version of the OS because the instructions I found said I needed it in order to get to Oreo. But given the new info about the official “sanctioned” version of the OS may have also been problematic since I wouldn’t know if the Oreo version I would’ve installed with would have been compatible with the RW app.

By Rooting I meant installing a possible non official release for this particular phone. As mentioned by @lousdi. And I was also wondering if this phone was previously on RW to eliminate at bad purchase of a supposedly hardware compatible phone.

Yes, this was a perfectly working phone running the RW app. And yes, I did install a version between the sanctioned Nougot & Oreo versions.

Motorola never released Android 8 for the G4 in the US. They released it for the G4+, but not for the G4 meaning any release that you would have updated to would have been for another region rending the phone incompatible with Republic. It is likely the same issue you’re having with the interim release. If the phone didn’t update “naturally” through the onboard updating mechanism and you downloaded the update from a 3rd party source and side-loaded that indicates that it wasn’t an official release in the US for the unlocked phone, causing the Republic App to reject the phone.

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