RW app shows higher data use than bill statement?


Is anybodys Rw app showing unusually high data use readings compared to their billing statement? i have a Samsung s7 on the my choice 3gb plan. I received our RW bill statement for the Feb bill cycle this morning and it showed that we used 1.037 gb in this 30 day cycle. But the RW app showed we used 2.6 gb for the Feb bill cycle - more than 2.5 times as much data as the official bill and far higher than what our average monthly use is. Has anybody noticed the app miscalculating data usage?

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Hi @craigc.v0sdog,

I see you have a ticket on the matter, and while it’s a worthwhile discussion to have in Community, I hope anyone else experiencing the same situation will also open a ticket.


I opened the ticket early in the Feb billing cycle and didn’t have the bill statement to compare data usage, so i will also update my issue for customer service there. My concern then was that the RW app appeared to apply the previous month’s data usage to the first day of the new bill cycle, which reduced available data by half.
Wondering if this has happened to others, too, and how they resolved it.

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I know Samsungs’ are different than the Moto phones I am familiar with. The key here, from my perspective, is are you charged ($) differently?.
I ask this because on my Moto phones, there is Android reporting and RW app reporting. I ignore WiFi (GB’s) as it has nothing to do with my Cellular bill.

Just wondering. :relaxed:


I had a Moro x before the samaung. I’m charged for RW service the same way on both phones, though the RW app on my previous phone was an older version of app. I’ve monitored the RW app for data usage.

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