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Back in 2017 there were several questions about the times shown on RW’s log of calls and messages. Then the response was the listed times were UTC. That would mean calls made or received in the PST time zone should be listed as 8 hours later than the PST times.

This appears to be no longer the case. The time difference between RW’s time and PST is now 5 hours, two time zones east of EST. Are RW’s servers in Greenland or Brazil, or is there some other explanation for the apparent time zone in use?


I just check my log and a text I sent at 1:05 PM this after noon EST [eastern standard time] and the log is showing 6:05 PM UTC
So it still shows correct time for me
Not sure why yours phone logs and your online call log do not match


Thanks for the response.

I think you mean Eastern Standard Time (since it is January). Five hours is the correct difference between EST and UTC.


Your right winter is standard time


I just verified that the Call Logs found in your Account still are using UTC.
I am on the East Coast and the time difference 5 hours … so it shows 3:40 AM, verifying that there has been no change

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