RW calling issues to AT&T iPhone

about 6 months ago I received an iPhone 6s for work on the AT&T network. All worked well until about 2 weeks ago, none of the 4 phones on my Republic Wireless account is able to make a call to the iphone…Each of the phones is a motox gen1 running Lollipop v5.1. I have tried calling with wifi and cellular.

Hi @davidl.e7ih2b,

I happen to have an AT&T iPhone in my household and was able to successfully call it from 3 Republic phones (Moto X Pure, Moto E2 and Huawei Ascend 5W). I realize this doesn’t solve your dilemma but it would appear to demonstrate it’s nothing inherent to either your Republic phones or the AT&T iPhone.

Rather I suspect a potential routing issue between Republic and your iPhone’s number. Presuming folks using other carriers are able to reach your iPhone and your Republic phones aren’t having issues with other numbers, I suggest raising a help ticket.

Do you get an error message? Explain what happens when you try to call the number. Also, open a ticket. It is pretty easy for us to see what happens when we place a call. We can see if AT&T is killing the call or if it is never getting out of our network. We cannot fix it if we are not told; so please open a ticket.

Hi @davidl.e7ih2b,

I see you did open a ticket and that we have escalated a routing issue to a partner company to get this resolved. Thank you for your patience. There may be periods of silence on your ticket as each reply we send you refreshes your place in our queue, and we’d rather continue working toward the fix while maintaining your place in line. Please know we have agents tasked with checking the status of your issue with our partner on a daily basis and we are committed to getting this resolved as quickly as possible.

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