RW can't reactivate my phone

Had an issue with multiple phone numbers popping up, and it was suggested by RW community that I dial a code, which I did. Then I get a red triangle that says “Not activated, we’ll help you get up and running.” Now I get a message from RW that activation is underway, but hours later, nothing, and won’t allow me to get help. I have a Moto e6.

Hi @hilaxx.u26wey,

Where were these multiple phone numbers popping up?

I’m a bit confused about the suggestion you mention receiving from the Republic Community, because this appears to be your first post, and I also don’t see any conversations having taken place between you and our Experts or our Help Team.

Who asked you to dial a code? Did you dial * # * # 8647 # * # * ?

Have you rebooted the phone since dialing that code?

Getting Help from Republic is possible in a variety of ways. I’m guessing you mean that you can’t use the Republic app to request Help, but you can e-mail or sign into our Help Center at to open a ticket or a chat. Our Community is also glad to try to help.


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