RW connection problems

What phone do you have? MotoG4

What plan are you on? Choice plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? it includes data

Issue Description

Message on phone:"Something may be blocking access to the RW network. Calls over cell only. No access to cell data, or voicemails." I tried the *#*#8647#*#* solution, which works temporarily, and then the same message appears again. I NEED my voicemail to function for work! Please advise! Thank you!

Try powering off your (1) modem (if separate device), (2) router and (3) phone … then sequentially power them back on, allowing each to fully power up before starting the next 1 Wait, 2 Wait, 3 Wait

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Have your tried any of the things mentioned in the exiting thread for this message?

I tried it, and so far so good. Thank you!! If the message returns, I’ll be back :sunglasses:

Mom’s Handy :slight_smile:

I’ve just replied to jben. We’ll see what happens. Thank you!!!

Mom’s Handy :slight_smile:

Please update if any changes occur, as the Power Cycle is Quick Check #1 in Router Tweaks, and is the usual 1st attack on poor WiFi performance. If the problem continues, then we would normally check to see if a neighbors router is a possible cause of the problem.

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