RW contacts photos no show in app


Weird, but the only contact photos that show up on anywhere app are the ones that are not on RW. RW contacts just show circle with first letter of name. Bummer because I have 3 ‘K’ contacts that are RW.


Hi @michaelw.k8wwrc
They were taken out of a build by RW Anywhere.

Here is part of the article I have referenced for you.

Notification images on Windows are no longer shown;
this feature will return in a future version of
Contact avatar no longer shown
Message media (MMS) no longer shown
Windows notifications can now be clicked,
navigating to the conversation represented by
the notification.
Updating on macOS as non-administrator account now
prompts for administrator credentials.


OK, I will just have to try to keep my Ks straight for now.



Hi @michaelw.k8wwrc,

Are your contacts still failing to sync correctly? The change in the update only affected the notification you see in the corner of the computer screen, not the contacts as they are listed in the app.

If you’re still not seeing contact avatars, please open the app, tap the three-dot :dots: menu, and tap Settings. Then tap Sync contacts now. Give it a few minutes, and let us know whether that helps.


Tried your sync contacts now but no change


Please open a support ticket. I showed your description to our app developers today and they would like to get some troubleshooting done on this.

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ticket submitted

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