RW download speed?


just wondering the download speed for RW. Anyone know?

thank you


I’m afraid there is no specific guaranteed speed. If asking about cellular data speed, it depends on one’s plan and the capabilities of the cellular network where one is located. Most but not all Republic plans include 4G cell data access. If asking about WiFi network speed, it depends entirely on the speed of the WiFi network one’s phone is attached to.


If I understand what your a looking for…RW isn’t an ISP. Your download speed with depend on the model phone you have, your WiFi hardware and your contract with your ISP. There are other factors too, like network traffic, cell tower load, etc. but none of the above is under RW’s control.



Assuming you have a good LTE signal RW DL speeds are better than many other of the MVNOs that come with their initial GBs at throttled data speeds.

At my home with GSM network see 10-20Mbps on a regular basis but mat be lower depending upon network traffic and LTE signal variations. CDMA much slower but may just be location.


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