RW failing to properly communicate text capacity of our phones causing core functionality problems

I see other messages complaining about this, and irritates me that these were closed when this is still clearly an issue. For instance here are a couple:

Messages should not be “closed” when Republic Wireless hasn’t solved the problem.

I’ve had problems this week with both HSBC and Chase telling me that they could not send texts to my RW phone, causing me hassle. I am now paying the most I’ve ever paid for RW and I don’t like that basic functionality isn’t even working, and that complaints about this are closed from the Forum without being resolved.

They’re closed because there is no solution. In each case the poster was provided the information that applies. Once cannot verify identity with a pre-paid phone. This is true for Republic, Cricket, Metro PCS and all the others. You didn’t provide ID or your SS# to Republic, so they can’t verify who you are and therefore your phone with Republic (or any other prepaid carrier) can’t be used for ID verification purposes.

As far as text verifications, this has been hashed, rehashed and then hashed again. I’m not going to explain it all over again as it has been explained in numerous threads much newer than the one you linked to above. At the end of the day of a provider chooses to exclude VoIP providers from their text verification service, there is simply nothing Republic can do about this.

I’m just not clear what you want Republic to do here? Leave questions open because the answer doesn’t satisfy the recipient even if it is the correct answer? If someone were to ask “Why can my Republic phone transport me to mars?” should Republic leave the question open because they haven’t developed a way to do that?


Using the “Search” feature…you would see many threads on regards to SMS limitations as well as 2FA. (Two Factor Authentication). All have the same statements multiple times as to why this is.

I will say it is indeed a point that most folks do not know about until they run into it. But its the same “limitation” that many popular and well known pre-paid carriers (and VOIP providers) have in regards to SMS.

SMS 2FA and Verification is a slow dying thing. To be replaced with the far more secure Authenticator Apps. I use Google Authenticator for everything now.


louisdi, I’m not here very often, so I don’t know how RW thinks you might have helped other people that qualifies you as an “Expert.” But I can’t believe that there is anything you’ve done in the past that would make it OK for you to tell me that it is fine that a CORE FEATURE of Republic’s service doesn’t work, and then compare my concerns about that to a crazy person asking for a feature that makes her phone beam her to mars.

If it annoying to you that something like this is “hashed, rehashed, and then hashed again,” maybe you ought to take that as a clue that something is wrong with a CORE FEATURE, and that is why people keep bringing it up, instead of implying that a stranger is crazy for wanting basic functionality.

In the past couple of years, thanks to Anthem, Experian, etc. my social security number is everywhere, and I’ve done credit freezes. I would have no problem giving Republic my social security number, if it meant getting my phone number back into the databases that made this work until now.

That’s strange. I’ve gotten texts from Chase with access codes many times, such as when I log in from a new computer or browser. I’ve seen the threads that you are referring to but didn’t think it was a problem with Chase.

I’ve gotten them from Chase in the past too. For me, the issues just started this last week, first with HSBC and then with Chase.

Hi @loganr.e3feak,

Please don’t let it irritate you. Our forum platform is designed around encouraging conversation. If a topic goes an extended period of time with no response, there is no conversation. One of the topics you cited is over a year old. The person who started that conversation may not even still be with us, and, considering he or she is no longer participating on the topic, is likely no longer interested in receiving an E-mail when someone wants to chime in. Over time, the forum closes out the topic automatically. “Republic Wireless” isn’t manually closing out these topics to silence people. On a practical level, there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to spend my time doing that, and on a philosophical level, we don’t wish to silence anyone. Starting a new topic, as you did citing old ones, is welcome content in the Community.

The closing of a topic and the solving of a problem are two separate things, the former based on extended silence in the topic. As to the latter, this isn’t a problem Republic Wireless can globally solve. We are, by definition a VoIP provider and a prepaid service. Different institutions, for their own reasons, sometimes decide that one or the other poses a risk. For example, you can start a prepaid account without a credit check, so the fact that your service is prepaid makes you less credible to certain institutions than if you subscribed to a post-paid service. Certain VoIP providers allow anyone to create a virtual phone number with no identity verification whatsoever, so some institutions assume than any VoIP number may be suspicious.

We’ve reached out to these institutions and encouraged them to reconsider, and as we can, we’ll continue to do so. What we find to be more effective, is when our members do so, with polite persistence.

@louisdi and @loganr.e3feak, let’s please not let a valuable conversation about a genuine concern turn into a personal conflict. Louis has extensive knowledge of our phones, our service, and policies, and as such participates in our Expert program as well as our Ambassador program, and does a tremendous job of helping our members. @loganr.e3feak has a legitimate concern about an ongoing situation we’d all like to see resolved. I’m certain both of you can contribute in a meaningful and civil manner in our Community.


Hi @loganr.e3feak,

We do have a very engaged, current conversation on this topic at Republic Wireless number not accepted for security verification codes on banking site. Please feel free to join the conversation there.


Hi @loganr.e3feak
I do have a legitimate question for you? Have you tried to trail down the banking firms that you have noted, & asked them if there has been a change in their policy on SMS codes to Voip numbers?
My home phone is a Voip number, Magic Jack is a Voip number. Practically everything is now digital over internet. Cable companies are into the Voip because they had to keep up with technology. I can say on a personal level that SMS hasn’t been an issue. I have Huntington, PNC, US Bank, & the Firestone Credit Union. All with no issues might I add. There are far more customers that have no issue than people with issues.
If you care to have a rebuttal to my comments I believe I have more companies on my side of the conversation than not. I welcome your thoughts.


R.W. can not fix something that isn’t broke or even under their control to begin with.

That’s just they way it is. You can certainly voice your complainants to to companies/bushinesses in which they have set this requirement in their own policies to only support certain types of phone numbers.

But, with just some quick, and basic research, you would find that VOIP, Wireline, and Prepaid numbers very often run into such restrictions. The current modern generation has very little issues dealing with it, where as its most difficult for us older generations.

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