RW in Europe, will not work?


Taking the trip of a lifetime for me, going to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but have a Moto X1 and my daughter has a Moto X2, is it true they will not work over there.

Any suggestions on what I should do?


Your phones will only work on WiFi to make calls to US and Canada numbers.

Take a look at this for more detailed info


I read a thread from Dec. 2016 that said they will not work. Is wifi common in Europe? I just need to be able to call home to check up on things.

I’m in a Panic, I’m leaving 6-7, I’m thinking I need to get another phone from a different carrier.


We traveled extensively through Italy and France a couple of years ago and wifi was everywhere. From the sidewalk cafe to most of the big tourist sites. Even the little B&Bs we stayed in had wifi. We regularly called and texted home thought out the trip.


WiFi is commonly available in Europe in most metro areas. You should not have any issues calling back home while on WiFi to check on things.


Wow!! Thank you, seriously though…I looked up Europe calling on RW and there was a thread that said our phones would not work. I was assuming they would work, but wanted to double check. I just don’t have time to run and get another phone from a different place.

If I can figure out how to link it I’ll do that, but idk, maybe I wasn’t understanding correctly.

Anyway, thank you again for taking time to share your rw phone usage experience while in Europe!!


RW does not have cellular service in Europe…so the phones will not work when away from WiFi.

When connected to WiFi…it doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in, you will still be able to make calls/text only to US/Canada number - the very same way as, for example, if you were on your home WiFi.


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