RW is NOT going to shut down talk and text from midnight to 10AM. Tonight (Sun 12AM) or tomorrow (Mon 12AM)?

I heard something about this. I assume it’s related to DDoS against Bandwidth.

Hi @joearrow,

Might you be referring to the Cellular Partner System Maintenance Scheduled for tomorrow October 3, 2021 from 1:00 AM eastern time until 10:00 AM eastern time?

If so, no it has nothing to do with the Bandwidth DDoS situation nor does it impact the ability to use one’s phone for talk, text & cell data already available on the phone. This routine system maintenance (it pretty much occurs every week) by one of Republic’s cellular network partners does impact the ability to activate phones and change plans (inclusive of adding one-time cell data) on an already active phone during the maintenance window. It does not impact, the ability to use one’s phone for talk, text and cell data already added to the phone during the maintenance window or otherwise.



That was what I was referring to. I thought it might be a fix for the intermittent outages due to the DDoS attack. Is that resolved yet? I’m curious that is little or no news coverage on this. It’s a major cyber attack. Pretty much hush hush.

Things appear stable and Bandwidth says it’s monitoring the network for continued stability. Bandwidth’s status page is linked here:

There has been some local (Raleigh) coverage. That and some other things are noted here:

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