RW is telling me my Moto g4 is unlocked and disiabled but new carrier is telling me it's still active. Help, please!

I’m trying to switch from RW(because they doubled my bill when I bought the new Moto g4) to Ting. My phone number is transferred but Ting is telling me the phone is still active even though RW is telling me it’s not. My account has been closed, Sprint tells me there’s nothing they can do and i’m getting the run-around with RW. Any help would be very much appreciated!!

So, what is the result when you enter your phone’s MEID or IMEI number at Ting | BYOD? I don’t know, but if Republic Wireless had your phone on Sprint as the underlying carrier they may need to take some action to remove it from Sprint’s active database. I had this problem with a phone I moved from TextNow to Ting. TextNow support was able to fix this so that I could activate on Ting.

In any case, the community here is probably not going to be able to help you. Take the information Ting gave you and contact Republic Help .

According to the Ting site some additional steps are required in order to complete you activation if you have chosen their Sprint service. Did you perform those?

Completing Activation for your Motorola Device – Help center

My guess is that he can’t even get that far because the phone is showing up as active in the Sprint database (it’s just an educated guess, but that’s what happened to me).

Nice find on the Ting documentation. I’ve long felt Ting has some of the best documentation among MVNOs. That said, while each of those steps may be necessary precursors to activating a Moto on Ting’s CDMA service, I don’t believe any of them will be found as Ting’s document describes.

Ting’s documentation seems to mirror Republic’s guidance for equivalent functions on Lollipop CDMA phones. At least, on my Republic CDMA Moto X Pure, equivalent functions are not in the same locations.

I’ve been wondering if Ting’s BYOD-to-Sprint CDMA requirement that an MSL Reset be performed in order to complete activation is the same issue RW is facing. It might also explain why Sprint requires one to bring their BYOD to a Sprint store to be activated. I’m presuming the OP is BYOD to Sprint CDMA because he mentioned Sprint in his opening remark. An MSL reset does have its pitfalls.

Ting’s requirement for an MSL reset might be the result of the need to disassociate the phone from one MVNO using Sprint’s network, so that it may be associated with Ting. The GSM equivalent is downloading the service provider’s APN(s). That’s very easy and requires no special resets. Yet, another reason I like GSM much better as technology than CDMA.

I think the issue for Republic with activation might be a bit different. A newly purchased factory unlocked phone never before activated on any CDMA network wouldn’t be in anyone’s database. Since CDMA ties service to the phone, with the SIM being used for 4G LTE data only, getting the phone’s MEID into the appropriate database needs to be done.

Legacy Republic phones were built specifically for Sprint’s network, so it’s likely those MEIDs were pre-entered into Sprint’s database of phones eligible for activation on its network. Legacy Republic phones unlike 3.0 factory unlocked phones also have Sprint code incorporated into the system build. Remember the com.sprint.extension kerfuffle?

@richardd.ridhzs this is an interesting situation. It will be helpful to the Community to know how it was resolved. For example, did Ting provide you with an MSL code to perform and MSL reset?

Also, when your phone was active with Republic Wireless was it configured for Sprint, for T-Mobile, or don’t you know?

Finally, was this a purely an on-line activation in which you ordered the $9.00 SIM from Ting, installed it in your phone, and simply followed the screen prompts? Does it require a call to Ting? Did they tell you an MSL reset is required?



Ting provides everyone their MSL code upon (Sprint) activation, but Ting can’t do anything if the phone is still assigned to another Sprint/Sprint MVNO account.

If that is the case then it is likely the Phone was configured for CDMA when the OP received it. Right?

I’m assuming that the reason they can’t activate is that the phone is still showing as activated in the Sprint database, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m going by the experience I had when I left one Sprint MVNO to go to another Sprint MVNO and the phone was not completely deregistered by the first MVNO.

BTW, here’s the e-mail you get after a successful activation:


Your new Ting phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.

If your device isn’t working as you expect, please grab your device and revisit
the final activation steps at


-The Ting Team


Your Device and Subscription Settings

Here are some important details related to your device and
service that may come in handy later:

Mobile Phone Number: XXX-XXX-XXXX
MSL #: 169XXX


Your Account Info

Here is some important information related to your account:

Bill Cycle Start Date: Saturday, September 12, 2016
Account Number: XXXXXXXXX
Payment Method: Pay by Credit Card


Having trouble?

If you have any trouble at all, we’re here to help! You
can reply to this email with any questions, visit us at, or for urgent inquiries call us by
phone at 1.855.846.4389.

Ting Inc. - 421 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr E #2, Starkville, MS 39759

i can’t get an msl from Ting until the handset is cleared, right?

i briefly activated the new phone with RW before i realized they doubled my monthly service charge just buy buying a new phone. less then a week after i bought the new phone and activated it i tried to port number and switch carriers! it was activated with the RW sim chip. i had Ting send me both a T–mobile and their Sprint sim chips but neither works because the phone is still active with RW!

the phone was configured on dec 26 2017 for Republic’s sprint network. i don’t know what an OP is, sorry.

The OP (Original Poster) is you. Did you log into your Republic Wireless account to see if the phone is still listed in the Phones section? If it is there it is still active, if it is gone it isn’t.

You need the MSL code from Ting to perform the MSL reset. We can’t help you with that but Ting can.

hen i check ting’s check your imei status this is what i get Looks like your phone is currently active. We can move your number (“port”) to Ting and activate your phone in our simple activation process. Ready to go? the phone is still active even though RW insists it is not!!

my account is dead. the original rw sim chip is dead. no out going/incoming calls. no out going/incoming texts. calls incoming go directly to gereric voice mail. error message “this phone is not allowed to make outgoing calls”

ting cannot give me a msl code until the phone is deactivated, right?

There are several individuals trying to help you. Instead of clicking on “Reply to original question” would would please reply to the individual post you are reacting to? Did you check your RW account as I asked?

again, my original phone number has been ported to a dummy device with ting but my phone is still showing as active!

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