RW leaving voice messages?



I am really furious with the voice mssg asking for a password.
A password is a word. The mssg only shows a key board.
Now I can’t sweep the mssg. away. Truely time to shop for carriers that offer very low prices
like RW does. I don’t need to get online to get answers for my phone.
Now I see no way to send my mssg.


Hi @nicholasa.ik35t5

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I do agree that it should be called a PIN and not a password. As you said, they are different. (Side note, what do you think when people say PIN number? haha)

Anyways, you can always go ahead and reset / set the voicemail password in the Republic Wireless app:

You can also check your voicemail within the phone app on the mobile device. It will depend on which phone model you have but you can search the help center for instructions. This will allow you do directly “view” your voicemails.

You always have the option to dial and hold 1 to call into voicemail and use your newly set password to check your messages.

If you need any more help, let us know.


as long as you can only enter digits 0 (zero) to 9 (nine) inclusive, most common is 4 digits,
it should be reworded to to reflect PIN (personal identification number) and not password…
sounds like a change needs to be done…
just my 2¢


Hi @nicholasa.ik35t5,

To answer the question in your subject line, Republic Wireless is not calling you and leaving voicemail telling you to set a PIN. The recording you are hearing is stored on the server and delivered because you cannot access your voicemail by dialing in until you have a PIN. So someone else is calling you and leaving voicemail. Once you set a PIN, you’ll hear your voicemail rather than the message advising you to set a PIN.

I agree it should say PIN, but at the time the message was recorded, a decision was made based on user-friendliness to call it a password.


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