RW message says to turn on Roaming Data


My phone (3.0 plan) keeps asking me to turn on Roaming Data. It is a RW alert that pops up on my phone periodically. It says “we will never charge you extra for this” and something to do with texting. However, that sort of goes against everything I’ve always thought about data. You always turn that off.

Is this legit? Should I be turning on roaming data?



Your phone needs cellular data when away from WiFi for text messaging. So leave it on!

Note you are not charged extra for this as all your phone calls and texting, including roaming, is included in the basic charge.



Republic has always needed both cellular data and roaming cellular data enabled in the Android system settings to assist in call routing voice calls an text [receiving MMS also] on it’s hybrid WiFi first VOIP/Cell service, but due note Republic never counted this data against your purchase amount or tier

In 3.0 there is no user roaming data so you may as well leave roaming enabled

In 2.0 roadata could be turn off via the republic app to the user but still allow Republic to access it [user roaming cost $0.27 per MB in 2.0]

For native cell data one can also turn off user access to this via the Republic app [to save your purchase amount/tier until you need it]

3.0 has no refund


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