RW Moto G3 outdated too soon and has wasted space


Bought RW Moto G3 in 2016. Not enough memory for apps I use and/or want (696/898 MB RAM used and 7.86/11.81 GB ROM used). Media files on SD card. Have to clear cache multiple times oer day. Do not use most of the pre-installed Google apps but can’t remove them (grr!!!).

Android messaging is unreliable failing to send or receive text messages. MMS meesages won’t download when WiFi is on even if I have a cell signal. Can’t turn WiFi off because RW turns it back on (grr!!). Where my house sits I get no LTE coverage and am lucky if I get weak 3G signal which is slow so WiFi is turned back on before MMS meedages download.

Motorola wont upgrade OS due to RW custom ROM so now some apps I like and use won’t work and can’t be updated because the OS is not compatible.

Is there a way to.improve any of these issues. If not how do I find an affordable phone that has more than enough memory and won’t be outda noted in 2 years?



Google has replaced this with the Google Messages App. Switching to it should resolve the issues you’re having.

Motorola didn’t update any carrier version. They updated only the factory unlocked version. Whether you have the Republic version, Verizon version, etc, they’re all stuck on 5.1

The first issue you can resolve as I mentioned above. There’s nothing to be done about the second, I’m afraid. Unfortunately these days, 3 years is considered old in phone years. You could consider something like a Pixel 2, which used can be reasonably priced and should get at least one more major update from Google meaning it really should have at least 4-5 years of software life in it before you start having the problems with incompatible apps.


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