RW needs to give us some guidance on 5G PRONTO

Title says it all. What’s the deal RW? Not volunteers, but RW management itself!

Well now that you’re selling 5 G phones maybe you ought to give us customers some guidance. Figuring out 5G is a mess. BTW, I have a few phones to replace but I won’t be doing it till RW comes out with some useful guidance. It’s ■■■■ silly to not already done so!

Hi @johnw.9phsw6,

We also have this statement on our website:

Please note: We’re working with our cellular partners to bring 5G service to Republic Wireless. Until then, 5G compatible phones will work on 4G LTE. Watch our emails and blog for more Republic Wireless 5G news!

I’d also encourage you to read over this: Understanding Emerging 5G Technologies

If you have specific questions as you make your buying decision please let us know.

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Thanks for that link. It helps. I tried to find something on 5G but was surprised that wasn’t a 5G tag. Maybe it would help to add one.

Sure. I never knew anyone actually used the tags! :grin:

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