RW not seeing SIM card

What phone do you have?
Moto E 4 Plus

What plan are you on?
My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, it includes 1GB of data per month

Issue Description

My phone has been running fine on the RW network for years, but all of a sudden today the SIM card was “invalid” or not read by the phone. It’s a standard RW SIM card that came with it when I bought it from RW’s site brand new. I opened a ticket (#1980034) after finding that the chat service seems to be down (it’s just been spinning for about 15 minutes now), and decided to try and see if I could find help here also. I need it for work during these days of quarantining, so I’m trying to get this resolved as soon as I can.

I’ve attempted restarting the phone, removing and re-inserting the SIM card, etc. Each time, there’s an Android notification that says “Invalid SIM card”, and the RW app says I don’t have one inserted so I should go buy one. There was one brief moment where the RW app did see the SIM card and instead displayed something like “restart your phone to complete activation”, so I restarted it, but when it came back on it again didn’t recognize any SIM card.

Everything I’ve found around seems to be saying to open a ticket and expect a new SIM card in the mail sometime, but I’m hopeful that there’s a simpler/quicker solution to get things up and running before Monday morning for work reasons.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I would probably open a ticket. T-Mobile had an outage the other day that affected provisioning and caused all kinds of weirdness. My wife is on another MVNO that uses T-Mobile and didn’t have any cellular data available, but calls and texts worked fine. The problem resolved itself this morning.

You may wish to review the troubleshooting steps at:


Thanks. I did open a ticket before sending this out, I was just trying to see if there were any other tips and tricks people may have known about. I tried those troubleshooting steps, all to no avail, sadly, but thanks for your efforts!

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In case someone stumbles across this while having a similar issue later:
After over a week of troubleshooting with RW support via the ticket system and only digging a deeper hole, we eventually came to the conclusion that I needed to either (1) get a new phone or (2) work with Motorola support to handle whatever was wrong with my Moto E4 Plus. Didn’t make it far with Moto support though, so I’m looking at getting a new phone at this point.

Big thank you to RW Support for sticking it out with me that whole time. Bummed not to have found a simple software solution, but that happens sometimes. Even as a 0-100MB cell data user, going 10 days now without any cell reception has been a struggle, haha, but luckily RW’s WiFi-first concept has allowed me to get by in more cases than most other carriers would.


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