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Wasn’t sure where to put this question. Two questions.

  1. I would like a disposable number through When I tried to sign up, it told me that I was with a carrier that they don’t support. I’m sure I’m not the first RW user who wants a disposable number. Which services support RW?

  2. Alternatively, what would happen if I signed up with Burner and used my secondary/Sprint number? Would that work?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Google Voice works fine. If BurnerApp says they don’t support Republic Wireless, I would take them at their word. Using the underlying number is unlikely to be successful.

Thanks. I have a GV number, but I never thought of it as a disposable number. I only thought of it as a virtual number. When I was self-employed, I used it for that reason. It kept track of voice mails and text messages better than what was available at the time. That number is traceable to me by searching for it online.

I am a single woman who lives alone. I want a disposable number to put on the For Sale sign for my car, and for the Craigslist ad to sell it. I would also like to have them for online dating. BurnerApp allows unlimited disposable numbers with a paid subscription. Seems like what I need, but won’t be able to use.

Are there other disposable number services that work with RW?

Here’s what another Republic Member did with the same issue:

Getting burner numbers


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