RW on Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

Reuters was reporting that T-Mobile was asking MVNOs for statements of public support last August:

Indeed, this is mostly old news:

Old news perhaps but dated today:

By Chris Chuang, CEO, Republic Wireless on MAY 28, 2019

So, then, RW’s thinking on this hasn’t changed?

I don’t have it readily available but believe like Ting’s Republic’s filing with the FCC occurred some time ago. Therefore, I don’t believe this is a change in thinking as much as it is a willingness to be more public.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s recent announcement that he supports the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile with their commitments is welcome news.

FCC Chairman’s announcement mentioned by Chris Chuang was recent news. I don’t recall any of RW’s earlier thinking on this.


Here is a link to Republic Wireless’s comment to the FCC from last September (PDF file):

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