RW Phone App Improvement Suggestion - Both Plans


Sign in to account may be difficult due to small keyboard and no option to show password.

  1. Enable auto rotate of app…

  2. Alllow making option to show password as in Set up WiFi hotspot or a peek option often seen in other programs…

Both would be terrific.



I wish we only had to enter the email address and password one time.


You don’t have to reenter the email if you check the remember box.


Right. “and” is the operative word. :wink:, Anywhere stays logged-in so I suppose they can do this with the Republic app too.


I would not want it to stay logged in or remember password, there would be many tickets demanding a refund as their kid purchased more data


I certainly appreciate that concern. It is, however, easily overcome by make this optional. Not having kids at home I would choose the option to remember both. Same applies to losing a phone without a screen lock. Just make it the user’s choice.


Anywhere being logged on to on a misplaced or stolen device will not have the potential run up you phone bill.


If the choice is mine, the risk is mine. That’s all I ask. As a compromise, if I choose to remember it then ask me for my PIN like some other apps do.


Was going to add the same thought to previous reply. It would be fine by me as long as they make it easier to enter/reenter PW when needed. Mother RW may want to keep our accounts/wallets protected more than you or others may care to.


With my old eyes and shaky fingers there have been times when it;s taken me four or five tries to get it right. A PIN entry screen would be a lot easier to see and accurately touch.


I’m reasonably certain the timeout on being logged into one’s Republic account via the app is intended to satisfy regulatory requirements similar to the timer on Republic’s website.


Option to stay logged along with a pin entry to proceed would be a nice option too. USAA does that now if you choose to remember PW.


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