RW phones won't receive verification texts from financial and government institutions

Moto G4 with my choice 1gb but the issue isn’t with the phone or my plan…

I had some help the other day from a customer support person but it appears there’s no answer to this issue:

RW phones can’t receive texts from a lot of third party verification systems, including the IRS and my state here in NC.

Right now, this is a big problem for me and I’m sure many others, especially when the only other option to access my online tax account is via mail verification, like it’s 1985, because my phone can’t receive the verification text. I don’t have two weeks to wait.

Zelle is another app which will not work with RW. It’s of course a bad time, when when having the ability to send or receive money quickly is critical.

So rather than coming here to complain, I’m actually just wondering if there are any other solutions for those of you who have run into this issue with RW? Even if it’s outside of RW, are there any ways to receive a text to a mobile phone when we don’t actually have a “mobile/cellular” phone.

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