RW said I got free data this month so um where is it?


I have a moto G3. The indication in the email was that it was a reward and that the data reward would just be there. It isn’t. I could use it as a situation has come up that I’ll need to be away a bit, so . . .



Hi @markg.goyjub
Look in the phone RW app & see how much data is left for the month. Is it more than it should be? If not then reboot and check the Data in the app. The reboot refreshes the app and if the data isn’t there let the community know in this post & I will have someone check into it for you.


Did you receive the reward email for the current billing cycle. Once the billing cycle resets you won’t have access to the reward.

If it was within this billing cycle and you still don’t see it on your phone, please submit a help ticket to resolve this.


What does your Republic app say? The email you got did have some instruction and notes about what you might see. If you are not seeing it, try rebooting or doing a *#*#8647#*#*


It was 5 days ago. We will only have one week to use it. I’ll give your suggestion a try I still dont see after doing the above. Question do you have to be on a data plan to receive the reward data?