RW Samsung S8 or BYOP Pixel2

Hey all, we are about to purchase a new phone and I have some technical questions. If we buy the new Samsung S8 from RW will that pull coverage from both CDMA and GSM towers? I had been thinking about buying a new Pixel 2 but with the BYOP you only have access to the GSM towers (which are good where we live) and I was concerned whether only having GSM towers would limit my coverage once I begin to travel. Thoughts? recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Eventually, it will be either or but not both simultaneously. There is no Project Fi like real-time switching among cellular partners with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. The S8 is hardware capable of being provisioned for cellular coverage with Republic’s GSM partner or its CDMA partner. For now, as Republic works with its partner to iron out technical issues, it’s GSM only. The estimate for the option of CDMA provisioning is by year-end.

Likewise, the Pixel 2 is hardware capable of being provisioned for CDMA coverage. The same technical limitations applying to the S8 currently apply to the Pixel 2 as well.

The reality is whether Republic’s GSM network partner or its CDMA network partner would be a better choice depends entirely upon where you’ll use the phone. Again, even after the referenced technical challenge is resolved, it will be an either or not both choice.


Helpful! Thanks. One follow up question, would the CDMA or GSM choice be done by the type of SIM card installed in the phone? Or is that a setting on the phone? How does that work?

CDMA or GSM do have different SIMs but the phone itself needs to be compatible
the table in this post show which phones are compatible with CDMA (and the * after Yes in CDMA column show what phones are effected by the technical issue of activating the iSIM that the CDMA partner is moving to

also note all BYOD start as GSM but if they are able to be activated on CDMA Republic can set this up via a help ticket


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