RW says new phones optimized with 4G in my area, but coverage map says otherwise

I need to update my phone. I have been looking other places (ATNT, Verizon, etc) because they have coverage in my area. Since RW went to contracting with T-Mobile, there is no coverage where I live. I am still on a very old (beta) plan. Anyway, I received an email from RW stating that new phones have been optimized to work in my area. I don’t know what this means. The coverage check says “4G LTE has been optimized on these phones for my area” but the map (at least the only one I can get to) still shows either no coverage or only 2g coverage in here. What gives? Is there 4G here or not? I can’t find a coverage map at all on RW anymore, but the T-Mobile map shows nothing.

Any help or an explanation would be great.

Hi @emilyp,

Republic now has the ability to assign coverage (for some phones purchased directly) to its CDMA network partner (Sprint) rather than its GSM network partner. Your current Republic phone’s cellular coverage is provided by Sprint, so your experience on new Republic phones assigned Sprint coverage should be the same as you experience now.

The phones shown as being optimized for service in your area would ship with cellular coverage provided by Sprint. More from Republic here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

Thank you so much for this response. I have been having trouble finding the coverage maps. The coverage checker just says that my zipcode is covered, but I am not a shut-in, so visually seeing where I will and won’t be covered is very helpful. I’m also a land surveyor, so I like maps!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you again. The other thread that you linked in your response has been a great resource! I appreciate it. I think this has been one of the more helpful responses that I have had.

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