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I’m currently with Sprint and if I have to buy a new phone I’m considering RW and the Moto E 4. But I have a few of questions:

1 If I buy the E 4 from RW, and I like the phone but not the service, would I be able to cancel the service and then switch the phone to Sprint? The reason I ask is because the E 4 is supposed to be unlocked and therefore should work with any carrier. But in the specs for the phone it says, “GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); CDMA (temporarily unavailable): (800, 850, 1900 MHz)”

So RW’s E 4 wouldn’t work on Sprint - even with their sim card - since they’re CDMA? Are there any other carriers that this RW phone wouldn’t be compatable with (this is also important to know in case I want to sell it in the future)?

1b I guess if I want to be sure it would be compatable with any other carrier, I should buy the unlocked phone somewhere else and buy the SIM card from RW. Would that be right? What if it isn’t the XT1768? Would an unlocking code unlock it so it can be used on RW?

2 If I do switch from Sprint to RW and shift my phone number to the new phone, would I be able to switch the phone number back to Sprint if I decided to leave RW? Just want to be sure.

3 I also want to be sure about making and answering calls, hands-free, with the E 4. Any set of head phones with a mic, using voice commands, would allow me to do that, correct?

4 Haven’t been keeping up to date with RW. They did have rebate plans for unused data. I don’t see them available now, but read on these message boards that some still have them. Were they grandfathered in?

Thank you.


  1. the Moto E4 is a unlock phone that can be taken to any carrier that will take it (including Sprint) (that note is due to a issue Republic is hanging link the newer iSIM to the VOIP WiFi part of their network as Republic is a hybrid VOIP WiFi first with Cell backup provider)
  2. If the number can be move to Republic then the number can be moved back (exception with Cricket and Google Voice which need a 2 step port as they refuse to take VOIP numbers which Republic numbers have top be classified as a VOIP first hybrid provider)
  3. this would be no different that any other phone blue tooth works find on the Moto E series
  4. 3.0 plans no longer have refund plans (the Moto E4 is a 3.0 phone, the Refund plans need the Custom ROM of the Legacy phones which could only be used on Republic)


Hi @steve.y53dfx ,

I see @drm186 has answered your questions, I just see a few details I can add.

1. The phones we currently sell are the North American manufacturer’s unlocked models of the phones. They are not locked to our service. Whether another service would take them is wholly up to that service. Since the lauch of what we cal our 3.0 phones in July of 2016, our app is no longer part of the phone’s ROM and we don’t do anything to tie your phone to us. No contracts, no carrier-locked phones. The temporary lack of availability of support for the CDMA bands applies to our own service, not to taking the phone elsewhere.

1b. You are welcome to buy the same phones elsewhere and bring them here, but doing so will not make the phone any more or less capable of moving to another carrier. If you try to BYOP a Moto E4 that is not the XT1768, then it would not be compatible here. We cannot accept carrier variants on our service because they often have proprietary modifications that conflict with our app and service.

2. Please be sure to check that your number can be moved to RW, here: Switch to Republic | Republic Wireless (about halfway down the page.) @drm186 answered you well about the only carriers we know of that will not accept transfer our numbers.

4. There’s a lot of confusion about our grandfathered refund plans. They were not grandfathered to the accounts or members, but to the phones. A Republic Wireless Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen) or Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen) phones will activate on the grandfathered Refund plan. Our new phones require our new plans.

Please let us know if you have any more questions, we appreciate your taking the time to fully understand our products and service!



Not important, but I don’t fully grasp drm186’s comment in parenthesis in question 1; and southpaw, in your response to question 1, last sentence, don’t you mean non-availability? Because CDMA is “temporarily unavailable” in the specs. But I understood both your answers enough to know that the phone would/should work on Sprint.

Re: question 3, I wasn’t talking about wireless headphones, but a wired connection to the 3.5 mm jack. Been looking at some headphones on-line and they don’t specifically say you can push a button on the wire, bring up voice activation, and answer or make call. Or is that assumed? Just want to be sure you can do that with the E4.

Thanks for the responses.



Here’s the summary on this. Sprint changed the technology of the SIM they use. Republic/Sprint are working together to make this new technology compatible with Republic. Once that’s done (which is currently anticipated in the next couple of months) then the phones that have the “temporarily unavailable” message will be able to be activated on the Sprint network, by Republic.



Corrected, thank you.

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So currently this phone can only use, I think it’s T Mobile’s Networks? And when that issue is dealt with, then either T Mobile or Sprint’s networks could be used?



Yes, but they cannot be used simultaneously. There is a separate SIM for each service.

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