S10e model "SMG970U1ZKAX": compatible with RW?


Quick version: Is s10e with model number on the box that reads “MODEL: SMG970U1ZKAX” compatible with RW?

Longer version: Longtime RW member and galaxy s7 cdma sim user here. Just purchased a new s10e via Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store support said model number was: SM-G970UZKAXAA, but that’s not what the box says. Is samsung model SMG970U1ZKAX compatible with RW?

Bonus question: I use a CDMA sim in zip 21401 due to previously spotty GSM coverage. I think I understand that I can’t just swap the CDMA sim from my s7 into my s10e (assuming it is compatible…), but I happen to have an unused GSM sim for RW, but it says activate by “11/03/2019”. Do I believe that or can I use this unused sim?



Hi @doodlehymer and welcome back to the Member Community. According to this section in the “How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone” and the model number information you gave the phone should work

If you have the phone in hand you can confirm if it’s compatible with the RW app –

You are correct that you can’t just swap the CDMA SIM –

Found this for the GSM SIM –

You could always try it. If it doesn’t work, and you need a new GSM SIM, you can get one from Amazon for a great price if you have Amazon Prime or from Republic Wireless SIM.

And here’s how to get a CDMA SIM –

A lot of information to read, but hope it helps. Hopefully if I missed anything other members will jump in.


Thanks for the thorough and quick response, @freddyp!

Believe it or not, I did do a few searches before posting. I need to up my forum hunting game!

Thanks again!


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