S7 ATT and Tmobile work with Republic?

On the supported phones page, Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help, the SM-G930U model is called out for the S7. But later on the page for two of the phones they call out att and tmobile versions not working with the service. So, does only the SM-G30U, unlocked version, work? Or can the s7 att and tmobile versions work if they are unlocked by the carrier?

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Republic requires and supports certain Android phones, all of which are North American factory unlocked variants. For Samsung’s S7, that’s model SM-G930U. No carrier branded phones are currently supported.

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the SM-G930U is the North American Factory Unlock version and the one Republic uses

the SM-G930V is Verizon Model and will not work
the SM-G930P is Sprint Model and will not work
the SM-G930A is the AT&T Model and will not work
the SM-G930T is the T-Mobile Model and will not work
the SM-G930F is the International Model and will not work
note These phones will not work even if flashed with the unlock ROM

be careful of eBay as you will find carrier version that the customer flashed with the unlock ROM and label as the U version that will work only on GSM networks (mainly due to them still owning Verizon or Sprint payments on the phone or have defaulted on those payment

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So, I know AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM networks. So, can you flash those to the unlock ROM and use them as long as they have been unlocked?

No it will not work.

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I think it should be a lot more clear on the supported page that carrier specific versions are not supported. Even listing out the various model numbers as unsupported.

We give a specific list of what is supported down to the model and for some phones the build number. It is not a large list, but we do not give a list of what is not supported. Basically, if it is not on the list, exactly, then it will not work.

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