S7 battery poor

I just purchased an S7… The battery life seems pretty poor for a new phone. I text a fair amount… (not tons), after sending some texts in the morning… after 2 hrs… The phone is already at 70%… NOT two full hrs of texting… maybe a total of 30 min. texting combined. I am sending it back and have purchased a new one … as replacement. Has anyone else had this issue? I actually sorta like the phone, but, it is NOT anything super great… and I do not believe it is justifiably priced… Anyone else agree? I might send this new one back, too… IF it does not get a better battery life. I have friends that say at the end of the day, their S7 is still at 90%… But, mine is around 40% ?? Who can recommend a different phone that you can see quite well in the sun, and has a great battery life, and excellent camera? Those are things I am looking for in a phone. Thank you!!!

Battery life is most often related to how a phone is configured and used by its owner, not the phone and battery themselves. My S7 has better battery life than my previous Moto X (2nd Gen) but I don’t have any complaints about the battery life in that phone either.

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