S7 several times won't send text

Text and talk plan only–no data

Bought a used perfect condition S7 that was compatible for Republic. Everything else works fine but several times a day texts sent won’t go through. Text message sin work fine. 4 bars on phone & battery fully charged. This has been since day one of starting this new phone at Republic. Very frustrating and this happens on both WiFi and using cellular.

Are you using the Google Messages app for texting?

This is my wife’s phone and I believe she is using messenger. She’s getting so frustrated by it she is ready to go back to an iPhone at Verizon. I am trying to avoid that.

When you have access to the phone…check if it is the one that has the icon that looks like this :messages:

Samsung’s built in texting app does not work with RW service.

yes that’s what she is using however, her messages go through to most all other people except for me and on her Samsung it shows me under messenger but doesn’t list anything for her other contacts that she has no problem sending to.

Did you say she was previously on an iphone? If so please have her deregister her phone from iMessage


She couldn’t and that’s why we had to get a new phone number through Republic–we couldn’t port it BUT…this doesn’t make sense. I am the only one on her contact list that shows she uses messenger. I don;t know how to change that on her S7.

Sorry I am not fully following this statement. I don’t have a Samsung phone…so I am not as familiar with their UI. Perhaps other members with Samsung phones can chime in.

One simple test could be if she enters your phone number as a 10-digit number and see if she can text you that way.

It’s ok–I just deleted myself in my wife’s phones and added me again and it fixed the issue or at least we will see what happens.

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Ok, good to hear you found a workaround…let us know if you run into any further issues.

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