S7 to ethernet adapter

What is the size of the “multipurpose jack”. I need to buy an adapter and want to be sure of size.

What exactly are you trying to do, and for what purpose? I don’t believe the Samsung S7 supports ethernet over micro USB.

I am trying to connect zn ethernet cable to my galaxy s7. One end of the erhernet cable goes to the OBD port in my car.

Which ODB adapter are you trying to utilize?

I’ve only seen phone to OBD interface done with a Bluetooth OBD adapter. I’m not aware of available drivers and communication software that would be required for an OBD to micro USB interface on a Samsung S7.

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Actually I thing you have given me my answer; “micro USB”.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a micro USB port.

One of the key functions of an open community forum like this is the sharing of problems and solutions, so your acceptance of “micro USB” doesn’t provide much that can be shared.

  • I am not aware of ODB software (avail from Google Play) that provides users the ability to connect their smart phone to their car ODB without an adapter … if this is what you are doing, could you provide a reference link?

I will use my galaxy S7 to connect to a website and download software thru the adapter to an ethernet cable to the OBD port on my car. Performance software.

I don’t think it is going to be that easy. Everything I can find online says that Samsung specifically did not include the Ethernet drivers in the OS image on the S7 which would make the adapter useless. Here’s a few such discussions: How to enable Ethernet on S7 ? - Samsung Galaxy S7 | Android Forums and How can I connect my Galaxy S7 to Ethernet adapter? - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com and Using a USB-to-Ethernet adapter? : GalaxyS7 (reddit.com)

Be sure to buy the adapter somewhere you can return it.

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