S8 upgraded to Pie voice mail icon doesn't work

My wife’s S8 upgraded to Pie and now the voice mail icon does nothing. So if you hit the phone icon, go to recents, you can see calls that left a voice mail. You used to be able to hit the I button and the the voice mail icon to play them but that does nothing now. I can hold down 1 and check that way.

What phone do you have? S8

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all

Issue Description


Hi @rileyo.vx0t2i,

We’ve seen a couple of reports just as you are describing, and we are investigating the matter. If you’d like to open a ticket with our Help team, please ask them to investigate it as part of master ticket 1638123. By opening a ticket, you help us determine how large the impact of the issue is.

If you prefer not to open a ticket, I’ll also update this topic when we have a resolution, so anyone following this topic will know if there is anything they need to do on the phone to clear up the issue.

Pinging @Ambassadors for situational awareness.


I am having the same problem, I tried to Submit a Ticket filled all the boxes however, trying to Submit does absolutely nothing, the page just hangs there.

Hi @rileyo.vx0t2i and @glb,

I’ve seen one member report that the problem was solved after he was asked to take two steps.

I was wondering if you might try these steps, but one by one, and let us know whether the issue is solved after just the first one, or after both.


After you follow those steps, is the issue cleared up? If not please try:

Please let us know whether either/both take care of the issue.

@glb, I’m sorry to read that the help ticket form was not submitting for you. You can also submit a ticket by E-mailing help@republicwireless.com, but if these steps above solve the issue for you, there’s no need to do so.

That did not fix it.

I’ve just filed a ticket requesting to be linked to the master ticket mentioned by @southpaw here. There’s an S8 on my account seeing the same issue.

I will try the steps above later on today when I have access to the phone.

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One of the phones on my account is a Galaxy S8, which just got the Android 9 update a couple of days ago. The phone’s user has reported that visual voicemail isn’t working the way it used to.

Referencing the instructions here: Alternate ways to check voicemail, when tapping the voicemail (audio tape) icon, the voicemail icon registers the tap but nothing else happens and there’s no Play button present. The same message is playable via calling into voicemail (speed dial #1 and enter PIN).

The phone’s user reports that usually she’s able to hear voicemails through the phone app, so I’m guessing this stopped working with the Android 9 upgrade.

Is anyone else seeing this issue on their Samsungs?

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There is another recent thread on this forum describing similar behavior, along with some possible remedies and instructions for opening a help ticket:


Ack, thanks. I did search beforehand but apparently not very well.

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A recent update (April 2019) to the Samsung Galaxy S8 has left us with no way to access visual voicemail (as far as I can tell). The instructions noted here (How to Listen to Visual Voicemail on Samsung Phones – Republic Help) no longer apply – when you get to the “details” level, the “play” and “delete” buttons that used to appear for voicemail are now gone.

Does anyone know if this function is still accessible some other way? The only way I’ve found to check voicemail is to actually dial the number (holding 1 on the keypad), enter password, press buttons to listen through messages… how primitive! :crazy_face: Surely Samsung hasn’t eliminated visual voicemail?

(Personally I’d like to return to the much better way the Moto X series does VMs, but that’s another post).

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please open a help ticket asking them to investigate it as part of master ticket 1638123.

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Thank you for merging. :smiley: I did search for this topic beforehand but hadn’t found this thread.


I also have a Galaxy S8 and since the last update, I can no longer access visual voicemail either. I can only access it through holding down the 1 key.

I am having the same problem and accessing voicemail using press 1 is sometimes annoying, especially if it thinks the password is incorrect (even when it is correctly entered) or entered too fast. There should be an alternative access via the republic website or the app.

There is on every phone except the S8 and it was available on the S8 until the recent Pie update by Samsung. This is unfortunately something Samsung will have to fix.

I opened ticket 1642076 for this same issue on April 20. Is this ever going to be fixed? It’s been over a month and a phone without voice mail is not too useful.

Hello @davidz.qv8fgh
This is not something that Republic can Fix, it’s Samsung that broke it and therefor needs Samsung to fix.


I have also complained to Samsung to ensure pressure is being put on both ends. Job leads via the old school “press 1” system are becoming annoying.

When My phone recently updated itself. Ever since when I get a voice message and i go to click on the little tape icon it wont play the message. How can I fix this.

There is another thread on this topic at:

(assuming you purchased the Samsung Galaxy S8 you were looking for in Feb. 2018)

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