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Member Since: I’ve used Republic Wireless exclusively since May 2014
Phone: May latest phone was the Nexus 6P, but I’ve had many others, Moto G, Moto X, etc.
Plan: For myself I prefer the $25 plan, for my children and in-laws I’ve done the lesser plans :wink:

My Review

I recently dropped my Nexus 6P, landing it completely flat and face down on my concrete basement floor, when I flipped it over I saw the dreaded cracked screen! Unfortunately, because of the timing of having only purchased the phone a year ago I wasn’t really ready to purchase a new one. However, lately the call quality seems to have gone down quite a bit. My customers keep telling me I’m cutting out, the other night I couldn’t even talk to my mother and she had to hang up. I have two kids and two in-laws on my same plan, and they all seem to be having call quality and texting issues as well, so I decided I’d try out a different service. Since 2004 I’ve spent just about $5000 with Republic Wireless on phones and services, and I feel it’s been worth every penny. Up until recently I’ve very much been a fan.

I always swore I’d never go back to Verizon when I’d originally left years ago to go to Virgin Mobile, but being in Wyoming they have the best coverage, so I swallowed my pride and went back to a Verizon store to see what they had available. I sat in the parking lot, eating Taco Bell, wallowing in my plight for a while before getting up the gusto to walk into the store. I came out with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on their 24 month payment plan at 0% interest. They said I had 14 days to return it, with a $35 restocking fee, so I figured I’d take them up on that. The call quality has simply been AMAZING! So this past weekend I ported over my number from RW to Verizon. I’m obviously not excited about my monthly bill going from $25/month for a 2GB plan to $80/month for an unlimited, but in this case since it’s also my business phone and I’m able to now justify the cost.

As a startup, Republic Wireless was there for me to save the money I need to on my phone line. I’m so thankful that I had that chance, though now that my business has matured I’m able to put more money into a phone line. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m saying goodbye (at least on my line for now).

I’ve come to love Republic Anywhere on my PC (when it works), but with syncing issues and the lack of search functionality I felt like it wasn’t something I couldn’t live without, as I believe Verizon has a similar service. I do want to thank Republic Wireless for being an industry disruptor. I’m not sure if the call quality issues stem from Sprint being the backend, or my 100MB Cable speed for WiFi connections, but I can definitely tell a huge difference in quality going with Verizon.


Sad to see you leave. I hope your new provider is good for you.

Did you contact R.W. at all to diagnose your call quailty issues?
There are many things one can try or that be the cause.

A few folks, my self included, have had call quality issues, but opening a ticket and working with R.W staff resolved the issues.

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@SpeedingCheetah Unfortunately I just haven’t had the time to see if the call quality issues can be resolved, but I still have 4 lines with RW, so I’ll definitely give it a shot on those =) I really like the NO-DATA plans for my kids, and having the ability to ADD DATA on the fly when we are on vacation or whenever it’s needed.


Hi @camerontm,

Thanks for letting us know your situation and congratulations on the success of your business! Even though it’s hard to see our members leave, it is nice to receive such kind parting words.

We’d definitely like a chance to explore any call quality issues on the remaining lines you have with us.


Been a customer for about 4 years. Sad to leave because my $400 Moto died and with Christmas, it looked like I couldn’t get a new phone for many 10 days. I might have been able to get it fixed somewhere, but might have taken a week. So I had to buy another phone locally so that I could switch the number in one day. I am sure that this must happen to other people. Republic needs to figure this out if they aren’t going lose business.

We had a good emergency fallback in the beta version of the Anywhere app. Using that we could make and receive WiFi calls with a variety of devices using the same number that, in your case, was have been on your broken phone. I hope RW finds a way to put that feature in the present version of Anywhere.

Hi @gordons.t7dwfs,

All of our 3.0 phones are phones that can be bought locally and brought to Republic. If your $400 Moto was on the My Choice plan, your replacement phone may have been able to accept its SIM card, if not, you’d have had to wait for a BYOP SIM - which is available from our website with overnight shipping and from Amazon with Prime.

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I am sad to have left Republic a year or two ago, but have no regrets. I was a Republic user since the first Wifi beta phone came out. That was an incredible bargain. Later on, I really enjoyed the Refund plan, that refunded me for any data that I didn’t use… However, Republic changed their strategy, and eliminated that plan. So, when my phone broke, I couldn’t replace it under the old Refund plan. “Buy a used one off Ebay or switch to our new (much more expensive) plan” was their response, but I didn’t want a used phone or a more expensive plan. That was like getting splashed with a cold bucket of water, and forced me to go back out into the market, and search for deals. I’m not going to mention any names, but if you’re willing to pre-pay for a year’s service, you can now get unlimited talk/text + 2 GB of 4G + unlimited 2G backup for just $15 month. That’s the best offer I can find, and it sure beats Republic’s current offering of $15 unlimited talk/text/wifi + $5 per GB + free wifi calling. To me, that Wifi feature was more trouble than it was worth. Sometimes it sounded like a broken spring, and I often had to re-initialize it every time I walked into a store that offered free Wifi. If you travel overseas a lot, I could see a feature like that coming in very handy. Beyond that, it just doesn’t seem like Republic is very competitive anymore. I REALLY admired the original engineers that got that Wifi calling working. That was no small feat. Plus, they have all the expenses of keeping those Wifi servers running. This company was born on innovation, but it just looks like most other phone companies now.

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Based on the plan you have chosen with your new provider the Repulbic My Choice plan would be cheaper than the Refund Plan. They’re cheaper than the Refund plan when over 0.66 of data usage. I’m not willing to give Mint, who may not be here in a year, my money in advance. Nor am I willing to lose my call/text roaming, and trying to live with only native T-Mobile service, by moving to them.

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