Safe Mode (Lollipop)

What phone do you have?
Motorola G3 (running Lollipop)

What plan are you on?
Refund Plan (2.0)

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Talk, Text, and Data


After continual Comcast outages throughout the weekend, the RW and Android Wi-Fi app on my Moto G3 seemed to give up trying to connect. I restarted the modem to no avail. I then restarted the phone in “Safe Mode” as a check. When internet connectivity was restored and the RW connection was re-established in safe mode, I restarted the phone in normal mode.

After it restarted, however, the RW arc was empty. At this point, I noticed that all of my saved Wi-Fi networks were now missing. (While I suspect they point to the same list, I did check both “Settings/Wi-Fi” and “Republic WiFi/Saved” locations.) I’ve definitely lost some recent Wi-Fi networks and passwords. Is this a known (and unfortunate) behavior after restarting from “Safe Mode” (under Lollipop)?

Thanks for your help!

  • I no longer have a phone on Lollipop, but during the period that I had at least one line on a Lollipop phone, I often used Safe Mode and never encountered loss of Saved Passwords for the Network. If they were there and connected during Safe Mode, the restart is just a normal reboot.
    • You may be having a problem that a 3rd Party App has created, and might want to Clear Cache (both system and apps)
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Hi @dxm,

Were you able to retrieve your previously stored WiFi networks?

Hi @jben, thanks for your reply. I had cleared the cache earlier, prior to trying Safe Mode.

Hi @rolandh, thanks for your reply and question. Sadly and disappointingly, I was not and have not been able to retrieve my previously saved Wi-Fi networks. (I manually reconnected to my primary network.)

Did you clear System Cache too? If not, please do so. it can take up to 20 minutes to complete.

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